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What CHIR offers to the associates

The Commission of History of International Relations is overall composed of more than 400 members, of which about 250 are active, according to the rules regarding the fee payments provided by the Articles of the Statute. The active members list is available in the reserved part of this web site. The members of the Commission are generally scholars and researchers, studying different subjects and coming from all over the world, who, with their activities, enhance the Commission, thus creating  a virtual meeting-point, where it is possible to compare and contrast  the different ways of conceiving and studying the history of international relations in the world.

Moreover, we would like to create a net of knowledge and exchange outside the official and meeting places.  Each member has got a personal web page to attach their curriculum of studies, all the personal works about the history of international relations, more and less recent, and the teaching programmes in progress at the moment. 
Furthermore, each member can publish any paper they would like to be known to the other members in their personal web page. The Commission members have the possibility to meet each other every five years in a General Assembly during the International Congress of Historical Science, where they also suggest and discuss the work programme for the following five years.

As an associate with fees up to date:

  • You can enter into a network of scholars of International Relations from more than thirty countries and receive regular information about the activity of the World Congress of Jinan (ICHS).

  • You can enter into the special section of the website of the Commission and receive detailed programs concerning the various initiatives of the Commission. In particular you can obtain the papers presented in the different conferences organized or sponsored by the Commission.

  • You can follow developments leading to the World Congress 2015 and the associated preparatory work of the scientific assembly of our Commission. The last General Assembly was held in Amsterdam, during the 21st International Congress of Historical Sciences (22-28 August 2010). The proceedings are available in the reserved area and have been sent to all the up-to date- associates. Our Commission participated with three scientific conferences:

    «International Relations in Sport: Historiographical Trends and New Challenges», joint session in collaboration with Société internationale d’histoire de l’éducation physique et du sport; 25th August, h. 2 p.m., Agnietenkapel.

    «Migrations and Cultural Transfers», 26th August, h. 2 p.m., University of Amsterdam, OMHP, F0.02

    «Cultural Transfers and International Relations», 27th August, h. 2 p.m., University of Amsterdam, OMHP, F0.02.

  • You can have at your disposal through the website a page in which you can enter your curriculum vitae, publications, work in progress, teaching activity, etc.

  • You can learn about activity of the others associates of the Commission.

  • You can receive information about initiatives and institutions of the other associates. You can send to the Commission short papers on topics of your choice which will be circulated among the associates.

  • You can participate in the Commission’ s forum of discussion. The forum will be devoted both to discussions concerning activities of the Commission and to topics of interest regarding the history of the International Relations.

Note: The languages of the Commission are both English and French.

The association fees are as follows:

25 $ or 17 € for one year
40 $ or 28 € for two years
50 $ or 35€ for three years

Young non-salaried researchers (until 30 years old) may become associates with a reduced annual fee.

The association forms should be sent to the Bureau, which will confirm membership in the association in thirty days. Other information is available on the website (

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